Plastics Product Design

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This book is aimed at designers who have had limited or no experience with plastics materials as well as a more experienced designer who is designing a part for a use, process or an application that they are not familiar with

In section 2 of the book the author will discuss elements of design of a number of generic plastic product types based on his 40 years of experience of product design and development for a several companies with a variety of products

Next, the book will discuss general design considerations applicable to most plastics product designs

The book concludes with a discussion of the general design process.

The reader is provided with an introduction to plastics as a design material and a discussion of materials commonly in use today

There is a discussion of a variety of processes available to the designer to make a part along with the design considerations each process will entail

This section also includes a discussion of useful prototyping processes, including advantages and disadvantages of each

This section will discuss the general considerations that apply to these applications as well as specific incites about each particular application

This section will include discussions of structural components, gears, bearings, hinges, snap fits, packaging, pressure vessels, and optical components