Landscape Architecture Documentation Standards. Principles, Guidelines, And Best Practices

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SUPERB EXECUTION RELIES UPON RIGOROUS PROJECT DOCUMENTATION A project will only be built as well as it is documented

Discover how proper documentation facilitates every stage of the design process from pre-planning to construction, and leads to a highly resolved built outcome

Documentation requirements include those components necessary to explore and define design intent, logic, physical proposals, and ultimately, the specific components included within construction and bid documents

Implement best practices specific to each documentation phase and drawing, from title block and cover sheet design to soil plans and plant protection

Organize keynoting systems, cross-referencing and interdisciplinary coordination amongst multiple consultants and vendors

Study sample project documents from a leading landscape architecture firm to better understand the elements and benefits of complete and well-coordinated project documentation

That includes both design documentation and construction documentation as well as all that which occurs in the transition from one phase to the other

These standards have been time-tested by over 150 designers at the industry leading landscape architecture firm Design Workshop, reflecting a range of project types, including parks, streetscapes, urban spaces and over-structure construction

This guide shares the methods behind the success, to facilitate exceptional built outcomes through principled documentation practices.

This publication focuses on the key documentation needs of the landscape architectural design and construction documentation process

Understand the principles behind these documentation practices